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I'm just your average student going dealing with the fact she has no idea who she is or where she should be in life. People tell me I'd be happier if I didn't think about things so much, but Damn, there's so much more unknown in existence than know, how the heck do people REFRAIN from thinking about it all the time??? I love culture, my close friends, city life, and staying active(karate). I also love hiding away (mostly online) and indulging both my geeky bookworm side as well as as my fangirly side. I am guilty of ignoring real people for weeks on end, while hiding away in my house reading books and fanficing. This is where Livejournal comes in. I'd like to take this moment now to state that yes, I am over the legal age of consent for where I live(It's 18 yrs), and thus am eligible to belong to any age blocked community. ^___^ Please ignore the LJ cut examples below, they are there for my forgetful self to reference when in need. And If you want to use them, in the first one, just turn all the ( [ ) into ( < ), and in the second one, delete all the spaces between the ( < )s and the text. Ja.

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